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Growing greens in the middle of Ice(land)

Despite knowing that Iceland is not covered completely in ice, it’s always a surprise to see signs of growing and living things along the landscape. Sure, there are glaciers and boiling geysers. Yes, it’s possible to cook rye bread right in the ground. But despite its location near the Arctic Circle and the continental divide, there’s a lot of vibrancy and diversity of life.

The Icelandic people have also taken steps to ensure their island is eco-friendly and more self-sufficient. This sometimes means helping nature when the climate makes it difficult to farm. On one visit to to Iceland, we visited Friðheimar. It’s a family-run tomato greenhouse. They employ sustainable growing practices to produce tomatoes year-round, even in Iceland’s dark and cold winters.

We visited in March, when Spring is still a hope for the future. Inside it was warm and bright. It was very interesting to learn how they keep a year-round growing season by using Iceland’s geothermal water, integrated pest management and bees! They have a small store and cafe. The tomato soup was delicious and a perfect compliment to the day.


4 comments on “Growing greens in the middle of Ice(land)

  1. Greenhouse is perfect way to grow vegetable and love how you captured it.

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  3. So wonderful 🙂


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