Trying our luck at Clonmacnoise

After an all-too short time in Galway, it was time to head to Navan for our last night in Ireland. We had wanted to stay at Hillview House, which we’d enjoyed on our first trip. I would have loved to visit Skerries again. But, it did not have rooms available for all six of us. Our goal was to find a place near the airport and we settled on Navan.

We entered our last day in Ireland without any real plans. We tossed around the idea of heading all the way back out to Skerries, but it seemed like a lot of time in the car. After a little bit of research, we decided to visit Clonmacnoise. It was old and stony, on the way and needed the perfect amount of time to explore. It checked off all our boxes. None of us had heard of it, but we were excited for an unplanned adventure.

Luck stayed with us and Clonmacnoise turned out to be a great choice. For those that don’t know (we didn’t), it’s a 6th century monastic site. It was founded by St. Ciaran and features some specatular High Crosses, ruins and old gravestones. The admission was very reasonable at 20 euro for a family and 6 euro for seniors.

The weather was on the drizzly and chilly side, but it fit the quiet and solemness of the site. It didn’t detract from what we could see and enjoy. We spent about two hours walking through the small museum, watching the movie and strolling through the grounds.

After Clonmacnoise, we drove to Navan and were treated by a spectacular rainbow. We had a lackluster lunch at the walkable restaurant near the B&B. My husband attended Mass while we took a walk around Navan. I was on a mission for one last amazing dinner in Ireland. We found it at The Russell. It’s sadly closed, and it really is a shame. We enjoyed everything about our meal.

Our last day in Ireland was quiet but enjoyable. In seeing a less famous site and staying in a smaller town, we were able to just experience the country. That’s a lucky thing!

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  1. What great rainbow pics! Another interesting place you guys visited.

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