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2018 in Travel Numbers

Looking back on our year in travel, it was a good year. There were some disappointments with cancelled trips, but also some amazing celebrations and new places. Here are the numbers:

Total trips: 7  (Ireland, Cruise, Shenandoah, Azores, Montreal, Mystic, Lancaster)

Nights away from home: 32 This is slightly less than other years, but still a respectable amount of time away. If not for some of our cancelled trips, this would have been our year of most time traveled.

States visited: 6 (Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, Florida)          Also slightly less than some other years, as we didn’t make our normal trip to the Outer Banks and didn’t get out west at all. We are looking to increase our state-side travel in 2019.

Family members with us: 18 Not all on the same trip, but we traveled with 18 different family members on 4 of our trips. My grandmother’s 90th birthday cruise helped to bump up these numbers.

Countries visited: 4 (Ireland, Bahamas, Azores, Canada) Also slightly down from 2017, but our trips abroad this year were more relaxed than “see a country in 3 days.” We were able to see more in each place and really enjoy them a lot more.                                                                   

Cancelled trips: 3 This part is a sad number for us. We cancelled a trip to Quebec City as it seemed too close in between two of our other trips. Then, our trip to Paris was cancelled by the airline less than 2 weeks before we left. Our Williamsburg trip was put on hold due to my grandmother’s health. We were able to make up some of this disappoinment with a last-minute camping trip to Montreal and a short visit to Mystic, Connecticut. Hopefully next year we’ll finally get to Paris.

Not a perfect year (nothing ever is, and that’s ok!) but some great memories and stories to last a long time. I feel very blessed to have taken these trips with my family. Happy New Year!

3 comments on “2018 in Travel Numbers

  1. Happy New Year!
    May 2019 be filled with joy, peace and fulfilment!
    Keep having loads of travelling fun!
    Thanks for your support!

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  2. Despite the cancelled trips, I’m glad you managed to see some new places. I definitely think its better to go slower and see more rather than rush. I feel like I always get more out of the experience that way. Here’s to more adventures in 2019!

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