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Azorean Sunrise and Sunsets

My husband chases sunrise and sunsets. We are lucky enough to live near the beach, so he will spend many mornings watching the sun rise over the water. This routine doesn’t really change when we’re away.  He doesn’t sleep in because he’s on vacation. Rather, he wakes up each morning to enjoy the sunrise (as well as coffee and a little time by himself). He’ll plan our dinners around finding the best spot for sunset.

Some alone time while the rest of us sleep.

Our recent trip to Sao Miguel island in the Azores put him in his element. The virtue of it being a small island meant it was easy to document both sunrise and sunset each day. Even though I don’t make a point of seeing them everyday (seeing them once a trip is usually enough for me), I have to say the Azores landscape/Atlantic Ocean combination made for some spectacular views.

azores sunset 1
We almost left dinner early to catch this sunset.

I couldn’t get over the reflection of the clouds on the water. We’ve never seen anything like it at home or on any other trips. Was it the stillness of the water? The angle of the sun? We weren’t sure, but it was hard to look away from such peaceful beauty.


13 comments on “Azorean Sunrise and Sunsets

  1. Waaaaaw 😍😃


  2. Catching sunrises and sunsets is a glorious endeavor. Beautiful pics!


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  4. Ah, this sounds very familiar! In our case, selecting the restaurant for dinner is a negotiation: Jules will look for good food, while I’ll look for good sunset angles 🙂

    – Verne


  5. Love sunsets! Your pics are beautiful!


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