Our Scandinavian Adventure: Iceland

After six days in Copenhagen and Stockholm, it was time for the last leg of our Scandinavian trip: Iceland. After our breakfast at the Langholmen hotel we had time for a quick walk. Our trip to the subway station-train station-airport was uneventful, as was our flight. We arrived in Iceland in the afternoon and made our way to the Blue Lagoon.

This was actually our third time in Iceland and it we were only staying two nights.  With only one full day in Iceland, we kept it quiet. After the Blue Lagoon we decided to spend the rest of our time in Reykjavik.

We got to the Blue Lagoon around 4 in the afternoon. The check-in line was less than 5 minutes, but they did have a sign saying the lagoon was sold out for the day. It’s really necessary to plan ahead for this!

We stayed in the lagoon for three blissful hours, then caught the bus to Reykjavik. It was still light when we arrived a little after nine, but with the time difference it felt as if it was after 11. Although it was in the 50’s it was extremely windy and we were freezing!

We arrived at the Airbnb, and were very happy with our lower-level apartment. This was our first experience with Airbnb and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We had a small kitchen, roomy bathroom, sitting room/bedroom and another bedroom. The beds were very comfortable and the bedding was warm and cozy.


Our day in Reykjavik was uneventful buy enjoyable. We started at our favorite place to eat, Cafe Haiti, then visited our favorite birds at Tjörnin Pond. Although I think everyone was still full from breakfast, we made a stop at Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur for hot dogs. This is a teeny stand that really only sells hot dogs and soda. Since I don’t eat hot dogs, I can’t vouch for the quality. But it’s a really famous stand and everyone else in the family likes the hot dogs.

From here, we split up. Sport and I visited the National Museum (she loves this museum and wants to go each time we are in Reykjavik) and my husband and Bean visited one of the public pools.

After we met up, we walked around the city, shopped, and had lunch at another restaurant we like, Ali Baba. We rested, tried to find an inexpensive place for dinner (the exchange rate was terrible while we were there) and settled at Noodle Station. The last thing we made time for was some licorice ice cream, then headed back to pack.

After the crazy travel of the previous 7 nights, this day was low-key. Having visited Reykjavik before, we were able to simply enjoy the city. It was a welcome rest at the end of a busy and exciting trip.

2 comments on “Our Scandinavian Adventure: Iceland

  1. Sounds like a great trip! I hope to one day go to Iceland and see the Northern lights. Thanks for sharing some great info 🙂


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