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Photo Challenge: Toys

In addition to a book, we encourage the girls to take two or three small toys in their backpacks. Usually stuffed animals are high on the list, along with small games or cards. Sometimes crayons and coloring books, sometimes Shopkins make the short list. Over the years they have begun bringing less and less. They’ve realized they are having so much fun without toys! One toy we always bring (in fact I pack it in my bag) is Mommydaddybaby.

Cruising in style

I can’t remember exactly how it started, but on one of our earliest trips with Sport she brought along a small doll house with a family of three and some plastic furniture. She used to carry these three small dolls everywhere and would name all three in one breath: Mommydaddybaby. Over time we started calling them as one combined name.

Visiting an Irish castle

Along the way we must have thought it would be funny to pose the family as if they were on vacation. Thus started our Mommydaddybaby tradition.

Another country, another castle (Denmark)

The Mommydaddybaby family travels with us on all our trips. They actually spend most of their time in my carry-on and haven’t lived in their house in years. It’s fun to find places to capture a doll moment and the girls quit complaining about pictures for a short while.

Mommydaddybaby enjoying a tea plantation in the Azores.

Toys Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge

9 comments on “Photo Challenge: Toys

  1. I know the castle in Dublin… 😉


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  3. I love how you used scale with the toys to make them seem “human size”. fun!


  4. This is fun and brings another element to the photography. Donna


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