Europe Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge: Dingle Peninsula Fields

On our recent trip to Ireland, we had the opportunity to visit both the Ring of  Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula. We’d been told by a few people that the Dingle peninsula was more stunningly beautiful than the Ring of Kerry. Maybe it was the clearer weather the day we drove around Dingle, but we also found this to be the case. We passed many fields filled with sheep and budding Spring life. It fit my preconceptions about what Ireland would look like: sheep, green, vibrant colors. Our drive did not disappoint!

Dingle field 1Dingle field from beachDingle field

Dutch Goes the Photo: Field

11 comments on “Photo Challenge: Dingle Peninsula Fields

  1. Wonderful fields!!

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  2. such and green and rolling hills. Yes. Also my perception of what Ireland should be. Donna


  3. This is certainly very mesmerizing 🙂


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  5. like a patchwork quilt!

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  6. Sigh … how lovely! This has long been on my bucket-list-of-trips and I have me a feeling it may be next (as in, next year…)! Thank you for this.


  7. wow such beautiful picturesque pic


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