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Tuesday Photo Challenge: Play

Over the past couple of years, we’ve learned that traveling with our girls means balancing site-seeing with relaxation. It also means making sure historical stops are matched with children’s areas and playgrounds. Time for play helps the girls to burn off energy and unwind. Our play times have made some of our best travel memories.

The National Museum of Iceland is one of Sport’s favorite places to visit in Reykjavik. It’s the perfect size for young kids. The children’s room easily takes up a half hour.

We’ve been so impressed with the playgrounds we find in other countries. The quality and amount of equipment sometimes makes it difficult for us to pry the girls away. But it’s always a nice time for us to sit and relax as well. This playground in Edinburgh was in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle. Amazing view!


The playgrounds were Sport’s number one reason for wanting to return to Ireland. We’d found some great equipment in Dublin (St. Stephen’s Green) and outside Malahide Castle.




Our second trip to Ireland was really a quest to find great playgrounds. We succeeded twice, at Bunratty Castle and in Dingle.

One day soon my daughters will be older and we’ll no longer hear them pleading for more time on the playground. Though my husband and I are always ready to leave and move on with our trip, we always give in to “just two more minutes.” The smiles and memories are always worth it.


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