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It’s incredibly difficult to think of my place in the world. Beyond my home, I’m not really content with just one place in the world. It sounds greedy, but I want multiple places in the world where I fit. I’d rather leave small pieces of myself.  In their stead I like to add small bits of the places we’ve traveled to and loved.

When remembering the places we travel, I almost always remember food first. It’s not uncommon for the family to be at home and one of us murmur, “Remember those scones?” Or, “Remember that place we ate at in Wyoming? I want to go back.” Or simply, “Cafe Haiti (our favorite restaurant in Reykjavik). Mmmm.”

Below are some of the cafes and eateries that have made up some of the fondest and (literally) sweetest travel memories. Not sure it’s possible, but I dearly hope we return to them all. In any case, if only for a very short time, they were our place in the world.

(Featured image is from the Pollock Dining Room in Shenandoah National Park.)

At the Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park, we were early enough to be seated without a reservation. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and topped the meal off with tea and popovers.  They would be a welcome treat on this cold day!
Cafe  Haiti is a cozy and delicious nook of a place in Reykjavik’s Old Harbor. Definitely worth a stop (or three) if you are there.
Closed now, but the desserts at Ariel’s Grotto in Disney’s California Adventure Park always helped to cap off a fun meal.
The ice cream at Murphy’s was so perfect we made a point to find it in three different Irish cities.


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