Our Scandinavian Adventure: Copenhagen Day 2

We were able to see so much of Copenhagen on our first day that we felt a little unsure of what to do the next day. After arriving back to the hotel from the zoo, we took a look through the Copenhagen Card guide. A city break up to Kronborg Castle had been at the top of our “might do” list. Now it seemed it was possible!

We made some quick checks as to train times and opening times and sketched out a plan. The next day we ate breakfast at 7:30 and were able to catch the 8:48 train from Copenhagen to Helsingør. It was an easy 50 minute train ride. The walk up to Kronborg Castle was about 15 minutes, which put us at the castle doors around 5 minutes before opening.

Kronborg Castle is known as “Elsinore” in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and is considered the basis of the play’s setting. It sits right on the water and just across the way is Sweden. It was an imposing and beautiful and felt like a castle.



We visited during Hamlet Live: The Castle Comes to Life. Actors perform different scenes from Hamlet around the castle. Visitors were encouraged to interact with them, and they would stop and take pictures as well. I hadn’t read Hamlet since high school, but the scenes instantly came back to me. The girls weren’t really interested (I had to translate what was going on), so we only caught a few scenes.




In order to bring Shakespeare to life for younger audiences, the castle had a pamphlet to explain the story of Hamlet. The castle also offered a puppet show of Othello. We watched this half hour show (I think pictures were not allowed). The show was very funny, but not because Othello is a comedy. The rest of the family was very confused by it.

We spent some time moving through the castle and taking in the views. One one of the upper floors was a small children’s area where both girls drew a picture. We enjoyed the ballroom and were a little spooked by the cold, damp “casemate” passages underneath the castle.

We left the castle around noon and walked along the back of the castle along the water. I’m so happy we had the time to visit and the rest of the family enjoyed it as well. It was gorgeous.

Since we had a lot of time still, we decided to stop at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art on the way back to Copenhagen. The train stopped here and followed the same schedule as the Kronborg stop, just about 20 minutes different. The walk back and forth from the train to the museum was 15-20 minutes. The main draw here was the children’s section, which boasted many workshop-type opportunities for the girls to create art. There were many stations of drawing, painting, collage, and clay. It was very impressive!

I had also wanted to see some of the sculptures by Giacometti and the Kusama installation Gleaming Lights of the Souls. The Kusama Installation is a small room with mirrors, water and lights. It looked fantastic, but the girls became so absorbed in their own creations I forgot to see it! It was a great last-minute stop and I’m so glad we made the detour.


Back in the city around 4, we made a quick stop at the Tycho Brahe Planetarium. The girls had never been to a planetarium, and this seemed like a good one to visit. The shows, however, were not solely space-based. We spent some time the exhibits then caught the first 10 minutes or so of a show. The beginning part focused on the solar system and stars (what I thought was the point of a planetarium). When it switched to a weather movie, we left.

The only item left was Tivoli Gardens! We walked back, stopped at a candy store, and rested at the hotel for about an hour before eating at a small kebab establishment. Then it was on to Tivoli, which deserves its own post.




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