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Touring Copenhagen with the Copenhagen Card

After booking our trip to Scandinavia and locking down hotels for our three capital cities (Copenhagen, Stockholm and Reykjavik), we made some loose plans on what to do in each city. Preliminary reading about Copenhagen kept recommending the Copenhagen Card.

Like many city cards, the Copenhagen Card offers admission to many attractions (86 in fact) in one purchase. In this case it also included public bus and train rides. The card is sold in increments of 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours.

Adult prices when we purchased were 549 DKK/adult and 279 DKK/child for 48 hour cards. Bean was young enough that she didn’t need a card herself. She was able to tour free with a paid adult. Our total for three cards was 1377 DKK or about 225 USD. The price will fluctuate with the exchange rate and prices have gone up slightly since we traveled (we could also have bought during a promotion, I can’t quite remember).

If you can navigate the site in Danish, it was better for us to pay in DKK than in Euro. I think this really depends on where the currency rates are and the region in which you live. It’s not too hard to have two tabs open in each language to match up which information goes where.

Before we purchased we made sure we were interested in enough attractions to make the card worth it.  It seemed like an easy win and we purchased before we left on our trip. Cards are available at different locations in the city and in the airport. We brought our printed voucher to one of the visitor centers and left with our cards. The card starts at the time you ask them to write in, so you can pick it up and not use it for a day or a few hours. It was very easy-always a great way to start touring a city!

We did take pictures of the card backs in case we lost them. We do this with Disney Photopass cards, tickets, etc. It’s not a guarantee that lost items will be replaced, but it might make it easier to access information from the lost card.

The card came with a little information booklet. It included a map of the city, information on each attraction, hours and public transportation options. This book was invaluable and really helped us navigate easily.

We loved that the card included attractions outside of Copenhagen. We were able to tour up and down the eastern coast and used public trains to see more of the country.

How did we make out? The card more than paid for itself. We also visited some places we might have skipped had we not entered free with the card. Listed are the attractions we visited and the admission prices we would have paid a la carte. The card covered admission, but extras like rides or special activities was not included. All of the sites were enjoyable without paying an extra fee. (Any sites that do not list a children’s price were free for children under 18.)

National Museum– 85 DKK/adult or family ticket 150 DKK

Amalienborg -95 DKK/adult

Canal Tour -80 DKK/adult   40 DKK/child

The Cisterns -70 DKK/adult

Copenhagen Zoo -195 DKK/adult 100 DKK/child

Carlsberg Brewery -50 DKK/adult

Kronborg Castle– 90 DKK/adult

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – 125 DKK/adult

Tycho Brahe Planetarium -160 DKK/adult   99 DKK/child

Tivoli Gardens (admission only, rides not included)- 110 DKK/over 8 years old

Unlimited ride tickets for Tivoli are 230 DKK each.

public transportation- 48 hour card 150 DKK/adult (2 children under 12 can ride with a paying adult, otherwise child tickets are 75 DKK)

Without the card our totals would have been:

Me: 1145 DKK

My husband: 1195 DKK

The girls: 349 DKK each, 698 DKK total

The admission prices and transportation tickets would have cost us more than double out-of-pocket. It’s true that we’d probably never had visited a place like the Cisterns without seeing it in the guide. Even with the sites we already had on our list we would have come out ahead (although obviously not as much). I loved the opportunity to find fun and interesting places off of our planed itinerary.

At least one of the family also wanted to visit the Amber Museum, Experimentarium  and the Church of our Savior Tower. We couldn’t swing them this time around, but hopefully it will inspire us to plan a next time! Overall, we received incredible value from the card and would absolutely purchase again.

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