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Places We Stay: Hotel Sct. Thomas, Copenhagen

After finding an amazing airfare price to Scandinavia, we found the rest of the trip might get a little pricey.  My husband search around for some reasonable hotels and found the Hotel Sct. Thomas. We liked the fact that our room could sleep all four of us (sometimes hard to find in Europe and then we have the cost of two rooms) and the price included breakfast.

The Hotel Sct. Thomas was a welcome sight after 24 solid hours of traveling between home and hotel. We immediately liked the room and its large windows.  The room itself wasn’t huge, but had enough space for us to move without tripping over one another. The bathroom was small, but typical of what we’ve experienced in Europe. The double bed featured individual duvets, which I realized on this trip I loved.

The buffet breakfast offered a lot. In addition to breakfast foods you’d normally find in the United States (like cereal, boiled eggs, pastry and bread), there were cured meats, cheese, sliced vegetables, pickled foods and pate. The breakfast area was  partly below street level, but was bright and airy. We left pleasantly full each morning. It’s a great way to start a vacation day!

The hotel is listed as being in Copenhagen’s theater district. While the hotel didn’t feel right in the center of Copenhagen, it was a brisk 10-minute walk to the train station and other central sites. A bus also picked up about a hundred feet away from the main door. This made it easy to move around the city.

Both the area and hotel were quiet. WiFi was reliable, room was clean and beds were comfortable. It was a great place to start off our trip. We’d definitely stay here again!

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