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A Scandinavian Adventure

Checking my e-mail on a nameless Thursday night, I saw a message from Icelandair advertising a FLASH SALE! I was immediately intrigued and started playing around with the destinations and dates. By the time my husband came home, I had found a few options that could work for us.

I casually said to my husband, “There’s a deal.” Without knowing anything else he replied, “Ok, let’s do it.” (I think his travel attitude is one of the reasons I married him.)
A few more minutes and we had worked out a trip to Stockholm, Sweden that included a stopover in Iceland.

Once we had the destination and dates, we started researching where we’d go once we arrived in Sweden. One destination listed by Icelandair included Copenhagen, Denmark. This was my first choice, but it was more expensive to fly into Denmark than Sweden, so we went with Sweden. Fortunately getting to Denmark from Sweden is not difficult.

Should we also try to get to Norway? Would we stay in cities or venture out? We played around with the itinerary for a while before finally deciding on 3 nights in Copenhagen, 3 nights in Sweden and 2 nights in Reykjavik. We wanted to fit in Norway, but it was too ambitious. A lot of what we wanted to see was much farther north of Oslo. We realized Norway perhaps would need a trip by itself.

As soon as we bought the tickets, we realized the rest of the expenses would not be as great a deal as the airfare. With a lot of looking we found three places that were nice and didn’t break the bank. Two included buffet breakfast, which is always a nice way to start the day.

This trip was not perfect (as all trips are) but we REALLY enjoyed ourselves. I’d go back to any of the cities in a heartbeat.

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