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Planting Vacation Seeds

We love to travel as a family, but the four of us rarely agree on the places we’d most like to visit. Some items on our wish lists line up while others are a harder sell. How do we agree on a destination? Whether consciously or not, we plant vacation seeds. They are ideas on where we’d like to go and why. They are casually thrown out while watching television, driving in the car, or reviewing the events of our day. These seed idea incubate in the backs of our minds. When they are ready, they sprout as a trip.

My daughter and I both planted the seed for our Yellowstone trip. It started when I Skyped with a Yellowstone ranger with my class. The ranger’s enthusiasm for the park inspired me to visit it in person. I mentioned the Skype to my family and we discussed how it would be so much fun to visit. Over the next two years, we would bring up places in and around Yellowstone that might also make the trip exciting.

Bean read a book about Yellowstone and immediately wanted to go there. She talked about it on and off for weeks. It was her encouragement that sprouted the plan. The idea grew into a trip that spanned 3 National Park sites and 4 hot springs across Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.


This was a seed that incubated for over 10 years. Back when we were planning our honeymoon, my husband and I were tossing around several ideas. We eventually settled on New Zealand, but Iceland was near the top of the list.

Ten years and two kids later, we were ready to wade into the waters of international family travel. We started keeping our eyes out for Iceland information and trip pricing. About a year later an amazing deal popped up through Icelandair, and we jumped on it.

Iceland was worth the wait. We’ve been back two more times and would go back again in an instant. It was a perfect country for the family and helped us feel comfortable with international destinations.

Future seeds
Vacation ideas are brought up gradually, but we will make what seem like spontaneous trip decisions. Often times, we can track the trip back to a show we watched or a conversation we had with someone, even an article we read. Having ideas helps us to vaguely plan what we might do and see, and allows the whole family to get on board.

Even when we agree as a family it can take a while for a trip to come into fruition. Budget, schedule and political climate delay the sprouting of some seeds. Right now we toss around Japan, Italy, France (specifically Paris) and Croatia around. I’d also love to do the Might 5 parks in Utah. Hopefully opportunities will arise that will allow us to make them happen.

Daily Post: Incubate

3 comments on “Planting Vacation Seeds

  1. Good for you and your family for bringing your ideas to fruition. The wish to travel to Austria has been on my to do wish for years now and I hope that one day, God willing, that my family and I will visit Vienna and Salzburg. Until then, the desire will continue to incubate in my heart.


    • Austria is on my list as well! Definitely one I need to research more. I hope that trip will happen one day. Sending travel vibes to you!


  2. This is wonderful, We will be traveling soon, and what a wonderful activity for a family, allowing children to see and experience the world. Boy, I would have loved that as a child.

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