November 12th: Wrapping up our trip at Disneyland Resort

All too soon it was our last morning at the Disneyland Resort. My husband decided to take off for an early morning surf with a friend. Later in the day he would join us for a few rides before our shuttle ride to the airport. So the first part of the day would just be me, the girls and my parents.

We started at California Adventure for the first time on the trip. We wanted to ride the Cars ride again and hopefully get to Soarin’ and Tower of Terror. Unfortunately Cars was down for the foreseeable future. We did get to Soarin’ and I got Tower of Terror Fastpasses (we never used these, however). We were able to ride Toy Story as well, but by the time we got there the wait was a half hour. This was one of the longest waits of our trip. Not too bad!

We had a 10:30 reservation for Minnie’s Breakfast in the Park over at Disneyland. We started walking over around 10:10 and up until this day that was more than enough time to switch parks. The first weekend of the holiday season coupled with Veterans’ Day weekend and the Marvel races meant that lines to get in both parks were extremely long. They were actually merging in the middle.

We got to our reservation about 10:40 and I was experiencing high blood pressure symptoms about it. In usual Disney fashion, no one called attention to the fact we were late and we sat down right away. Our last time at Minnie’s meal at the Crystal Palace we had booked the first seating. With our hotel’s free breakfast we thought an early lunch would fit better in our day.

Of all the character meals we’ve experienced, Minnie’s Breakfast in the Park stands out as having the most characters. Typical meals have 4-5 characters. Minnie’s regularly has at least 7 and from reading others’ experiences most often has 9-11. Some meals even have as many as 15! It’s a great way to meet a lot of characters in a short amount of time.

Besides Minnie, there’s no guarantee of who you’ll meet. However, we’ve eat there three times and have always met Captain Hook, Tigger, Pooh, Chip and Dale. On this occasion we also met Fairy Godmother, Rafiki, Eeyore AND Sprinkles the Penguin (from Mary Poppins) and Max (Goofy’s nephew). The last two were characters we’d never met and it was thrilling.

Poor Eeyore having trouble seeing the autograph book to sign.

Minnie’s Breakfast in the Park is served buffet style. The downside of eating on the late end was they were already putting away some of the food as the menu changes to counter service for lunch. My mom was looking for strawberries and they had already been taken to the back. When she asked, though they brought a large plate out just for us.

We had a great time at the meal. Around this time my husband met up with us. It was a little too crowded to do much on the Disneyland side without a long wait.  This seemed like the perfect time for Mickey and the Magical Map. While not quite as magnificent as Animal Kingdom’s Lion King show, this is a great show for relaxing in shade and enjoying Disney songs. I also like that all seats give a good view and you can walk up a few minutes before the show and find a seat.


After the show lines in Disneyland had only gotten longer. Back to California Adventure! By this time the lines between the parks had thinned and we made it over without too much delay.

The order of California Adventure attractions is escaping me, but we rode Heimlich again, played in the splash ground, got ice cream cones at Ghirardelli, did the sourdough bread thing, rode California Screamin’, shopped, ate turkey legs and met Jessie (and Woody stopped for  quick picture as was coming off the line).  We also rode the Monsters Inc. ride. This had us laughing/crying when we realized the automated Roz at the end was voiced by a live person. By this time we needed to get back to the hotel for our airport shuttle.

When we leave Disney parks for the last time, I always try to find “one more picture” or “look, that ride line is sooo short.” This time our “just one more” character was this guy:


He was meeting near the waterfalls on the back of Grizzly Peak. Under the pretext of getting a good photo for our holiday card, we got in line to meet him. The wait was less than 10 minutes. At the time I had no idea who he was. Turns out he’s Wendell from the Country Bears Jamboree.

He was fun to meet, and a good delay. With no more excuses we headed down Buena Vista Street and out the gates. Sniff!



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