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The Scandinavian Bedding Craze is for Real

In the tech-gadget arena, I’m usually woefully behind. I prefer to let the kinks work themselves out rather than be an early adopter.

It turns out tech isn’t the only way in which to be an early adopter. A few weeks ago I saw a Today article about IKEA’s Scandinavian bedding. I was yelling at the screen, “Yes, I know about this! It’s true, it’s true!” And then, I called my mom to let her know that I, in fact, was setting trends in bedding.

What is this trend in bedding? Have there been new advances in mattresses, in materials? No. Rather, we are using two twin-sized duvet comforters instead of one big comforter. From my not-vast experience with Scandinavian hotels, this is their normal set up.

On our first trip to Iceland, I luxuriated in the crisp clean bedding and comfort of my own duvet. It wasn’t until our third trip there (and to Sweden and Denmark in the same trip) that I realized I loved having my own comforter rather than sharing and tugging with my husband or my daughters. Immediately upon returning from our Scandinavian adventure,  I started researching European bedding options for purchase in the United States.

If this has been around a long time, how am I an “early adopter?” It turns out that it’s next to impossible to find European bedding sizes in the United States. From what I could tell, their twin-size duvet is a bit more narrow than our twin duvets in the U.S.  Unless I could find a retailer to ship from Europe (and I couldn’t), I’d need to a custom-order. After contacting a bunch of manufacturers of organic wool or humanely sourced down, I began to lose hope in an affordable option. Most comforters were between $300-400. I couldn’t drop that much without knowing ahead of time we’d love them.

Finally I realized I was worrying too much about the width of the comforters. More important was to just buy some and test them out.  IKEA offers the twin RÖDTOPPA comforters in several thicknesses. I went with “cooler” and figured we could shove extra blankets in the duvet sheet if need be. The Rosenfibbla sheets were not too expensive and available online. (This was important since I’d still be looking for a parking space if we’d tried to buy at our nearest IKEA store.)

It’s been a few months and I LOVE our new bedding. The thickness that I ordered is so warm that I might need to look for an even lighter summer comforter.  It’s much easier to make the bed, too. I don’t know if this had actually reached the level of a “craze”, but it should. It’s a much more comfortable way to sleep. Either way, I’m happy to consider myself an early adopter.

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