November 10th: World of Color

After a break at the hotel, we headed back to the parks. Our plan was to first visit the Star Wars characters in Tomorrowland, then head over to California Adventure for World of Color. Instead of a sit-down dinner we would pick our way through the Festival of Holidays food booths.

Disneyland was absolutely beautiful at night and decorated for the holidays. Main Street seemed incredibly crowded. Maybe the darkness makes it harder for people to see where they are going. Maybe it was that we were dragging two very tired girls around the parks after a long day. I’m not sure, but it seemed to take a long time to get into Tomorrowland.

So pretty, but so crowded!

Fortunately the Star Wars Launch Bay was not slammed with people. We found the Disney Visa Meet and Greet and did not wait at all to meet Darth Vader. He was imposing, intimidating and perfectly in character.

Next was about a ten minute wait to meet Chewbacca, who was also great. My husband had a good time making Wookie noises.

With our two meets out of the way we fought our way back down Main Street and across to California Adventure. We grabbed a few things that looked good and had reasonable lines along the path to World of Color.

It was the first holiday show of the season and I think this made it very crowded. Our first viewing of World of Color in August 2015 (the 60th Anniversary edition) seemed much more open and easy to get into. When I went to use the bathroom I was separated from my family. Cast members assured me it would be easy to meet up with them once the ropes were down, but it still took a lot of squeezing through tight spaces and “excuse mes” to find them.

We found a decent spot and waited for the show. And waited. And waited. There were some technical difficulties with the screen that covers the Mickey on the Fun Wheel. After about 30 minutes of waiting we weren’t sure that the show would go on. Our girls were falling asleep. Finally, they went forward without the Mickey covered. It didn’t really interfere with our enjoyment of the show.

World of Color was spectacular and we were glad we waited for it. Next time, though? I might try to catch one of the last regular shows rather than the first night of the holiday version. I also would try harder to get a Fast Pass while it’s handing out passes for the yellow section. I think we got a better spot and didn’t have to put up with all the traffic going over the bridge to Ariel’s Grotto.

After the show was over we left. The girls were too exhausted for anything else.

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