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Hersheypark Day and Final Thoughts

Continuing from our character breakfast: At 9:00 we were able to enter the park. Like other park early openings, the whole park does not open early. There were more than enough rides open to keep us occupied. Lines were short so we were able to ride what we had missed the night before.  From 9 to about 11:00 we rode:

Bean and I: carousel, Fender Bender bumper cars, Scrambler, Skyview (2x), Reese’s Xtreme Cup Challenge (2x), Mini Pirate and Wave Swinger (2x)

DH and Sport: Reese’s Xtreme Cup Challenge, Comet, Skyrush (2x), soooperdooperlooper (2x), Storm Runner (2x), Sidewinder (2x), Fahrenheit, Wildcat and Lightning Racer


At around 11:00 we went into the Boardwalk area and spent the rest of our day in that section.  We used our meal vouchers and ended the day with enormous ice cream whoopie pies.


As we were walking out a pop-up show drove up. Bean was able to participate in a funny game show style show and won a large bag of Twizzlers. P1530249

We left the park around 3:30 with a good feeling about the day and the park. My thoughts:

-The park is large and very long. One section of the park might not be easily accessible from another.  It might make sense to look  at the map ahead of time and make a loose plan so that you aren’t wandering.

It was fun finding characters and seeing favorite candies and chocolates in a moving character form. 

Having the girls measured ahead of time was great. We knew right away which rides each girl could go on.

The character breakfast was a lot of fun and the extra hour of touring was so worth it.

Despite concerns, we had no need for the Fast Track option. Lines were manageable and the girls rode (sometimes multiple times) everything they wanted to ride.

We thoroughly enjoyed Hersheypark and hope to visit again soon. Maybe during the holidays?

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