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Hersheypark Character Breakfast

An excellent second day at Hersheypark, staring with a character breakfast.

After our great preview night in Hersheypark, we decided to keep the fun going with a character breakfast. I made the reservation on my phone as we were leaving the park (around 10:15 pm).  It was no problem to secure the reservation for the next morning at 8:00. I’m not sure as the summer went on if it became a little harder to reserve so late. Reservations run this summer from June 26-August 27th.

The breakfast was at Hersheypark Place, right before the main park entrance. The breakfast runs from 8-9, when breakfast-goers are able to enter the park an hour early. They can enter with those staying at a Hershey-branded hotel, but do not need to stay at the hotel. This was our main reason for booking the breakfast.

Due to some typical kid issues, we were running about 10 minutes late. As we ran up to the breakfast location, a man with a guitar asked, “Are you here for the breakfast?” I answered that we were, and he said, “We’ve been waiting for you!” (He said this is a friendly way, not a scolding ‘Why are you late’ tone.) Indeed, waiting for us were a Hershey Bar, a Kit Kat bar and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!

This really did feel magical. The meet and greet was incredibly personal. Even though we were late, no one tried to rush the multiple pictures my husband took or the repeated hugs my girls wanted. We made our way into the breakfast and the characters seemed to pack it in an go inside as well. It turns out they really were waiting for us to start.

In the breakfast were about 8 or 9 other full tables. The kids at the other tables ranged from babies to teenagers and two tables had no children at all. The waitress brought over a bowl of fruit and a basket of breads and pastries right away. A few minutes later, our pre-plated meals arrived. They included scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, and pancakes. There was more than enough to eat and the food was good (not outstanding or fancy), normal breakfast food.

Throughout the breakfast the chocolates danced and the man with the guitar sang. They encouraged kids and adults alike to come up and dance. They also made stops at each of the tables.

Bean dancing with the Reese’s. She had a small Reese’s plush that she had won the night before and was excited to show him.

Around 8:45 the singer announced that we would be “sneaking into the park in a few minutes.” Our waitress offered to box up our uneaten bread and pastries. Since I feel a need to hoard food on vacation, I happily accepted.

We really enjoyed the breakfast. The food was fine and the characters were fun. Two kids and two adults put us right around $120 after tip. The breakfast and added park time were definitely worth that price and it was less expensive than staying on property for the same get-in-early benefit.

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