Lunch at Cafe Orleans

We had lunch at Cafe Orleans in Disneyland on November 10th, 2016. I had been going back and forth on this or Blue Bayou, which is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I weighed the prices, menus and time. Ultimately this seemed like a better choice for our group.

Earlier in the day we had started in Disneyland for the Magic Morning, then hopped over to California Adventure.  I booked the 12:50 time thinking it would give us enough time to enjoy both parks then have a nice lunch before heading out.  We got there about 20 minutes early and they were able to seat us in about 5 minutes of our reservation time.

As a table we ordered the pommes frites appetizer my research recommended. They are essentially French fries with parmesan, garlic and a Cajun dipping sauce. So good. 

For entrees, Bean again decided to order a side salad rather than a kid’s meal. Sport got the chicken breast kid’s meal. I got the fried green tomato sandwich and the rest of the adults got the Monte Cristo sandwiches.  I think everyone enjoyed their meals, but they weren’t entirely memorable.

Maybe we didn’t remember the meals very much because they were sandwiched (no pun intended) in between the fries and DESSERT. As a table we ordered the Micket beignets and the bananas foster crepes. Both dishes were delicious and easy to share.



We all really liked the meal and enjoyed the New Orleans atmosphere (haven’t been there, so can’t say how realistic it is).  Would we go back? I would definitely book it again if we could order a bunch of the pommes frites and desserts. These were definitely the stars of our meal. It would be great if some other easy-to-share appetizers were added to the menu. If we don’t make it back next time around, this recipe might help me relive the fries.

For our next trip, my dad really wants to try Blue Bayou. I’m not sure if we’ll book it as part of the Fantasmic Dining Package or just have a regular meal.

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