November 10th California Adventure

We left the Magic Morning at Disneyland Park at got to California Adventure right around opening. Getting through the turnstiles was fairly quick. I made a beeline for the Radiator Springs Racers (RSR) Fastpass near the entrance to Bugs’ Land  and then World of Color Fastpasses for that night. My family headed towards Soarin’.  I told them to just ride and I would catch up. As luck would have it, they asked for single riders as I was on line. I ended up being in the same flight (though a different gate) and we all finished at the same time.  Our total wait for Soarin’ was less than 10 minutes, not including the waiting time at the gate.

I had been sad to hear that Soarin’ over California was changing to the world version. While it would be nice to have both versions, the new world version was breathtaking. 

After Soarin’ we headed up through the boardwalk area. DH and Sport rode California Screamin’ while the rest of us rode King Triton’s Carousel. Next it was time for our RSR Fastpass window. It’s always very nice to see a 75 minute wait time and know that your wait will be much shorter! We zipped through the Fastpass line (5 minutes maybe?) and filled our own car. Our ride took us through Luigi’s Tires. Next it was time to race. Although it was close, we won!

This ride is truly amazing and has the classic Disney “wow” factor. The waterfall and landscape of the outside part are impressive. Inside the Cars characters seem much closer and personal than in other rides.

Some pictures near the holiday decorations and on to Bugs’ Land. On the way we passed Cars Land’s biggest star! This is always really fun to see. In WDW, the Cars are stationary.

Bugs Land seems as it would be too babyish for the girls, but they love it. Our first stop was Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train. This ride is so dumb and so fabulous at the same time. It cracks me up, but I do wish it were a little longer. Even with no wait, it takes longer to load the train than the ride seems to last. The theming is great, the narration from Heimlich is sure to brighten your day. But, it does seem as if it has been shortchanged in the length department.

Flik’s Flyers had a short wait, so we rode them as well. As the girls were cooling off in the spray part, they saw Flik passing by. He was roaming. Like Goofy on Main Street, it was a little hard for people to get him to stop, Eventually he did and posed for a few pictures.


In Hollywood Land we took advantage of Disney Visa Meet and Greet. This allows Disney Visa holders a “private” meet and greet and photo opportunity. The theming of the Epcot location is a little more fun and more “Disney”, but it’s fun nonetheless. When we go there Daisy Duck was in rotation. We weren’t rushed and were able to sign and take multiple poses and groupings with Daisy.

We finished with about 15 minutes until Nick and Judy’s (Zootopia) next set. Since it was close by we decided to wait. I wasn’t entirely sure where they would be and we shopped for hats while scoping the area.  We kind of just picked where we thought castmembers were pointing and were first in line for them.  They didn’t sign, so this moves the line along a little faster.

It was time for lunch and time to cross back over to Cafe Orleans. After a great lunch we headed back to the Wyndham to relax in the pool, take a nap and rest up for World of Color that night!

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