November 10 Magic Morning

Our second day at DLR had us waking up at 5:30 am for the 7 am Magic Morning. Unlike Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort runs their early openings at little differently. Here’s a quick rundown:

Each day, either Disneyland Park (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) or California Adventure (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday) opens one hour early. California Adventure’s early open is called the Extra Magic Hour and is only available to onsite guests. Disneyland also has Extra Magic Hours. In addition, it offers Magic Morning to three-day or more ticket holders. These off-site guests may visit Disneyland early one day on their ticket.  In general, only certain lands are open for this hour. 

We were given the advice to always use the Magic  Morning the first morning it’s available. That way, if you’re too tired by the end of the trip to get up early or something unforeseen happens, you don’t lose out. 

Our two available Magic Mornings were Thursday or Saturday. The Thursday morning opened at 7. The earlier to the opening, the harder it is for people to get up. Since we were still on East Coast time, a 5:30 wake-up to leave at 6:10 was no problem.

Breakfast at the Wyndham Garden Grove opened at 6. This made a 6:10 shuttle tricky to catch. The hotel was very nice to let us take breakfast to go and filled up to-go cups of coffee for us. We had no trouble catching the early shuttle and were on our way. We were about 10 people back in the lines. Once we got in the park the crowds thinned out. With only Tomorrowland and Fantasyland open, I’m not sure where they all went. As we walked down Main Street, this was the view in front of us:
…and in back of us:


We split off into two groups. The first stop for Sport, DH and I was Hyperspace Mountain. The rest went to the Finding Nemo subs. Probably not the best use of Magic Morning on that count, but they really loved the subs.

The line for both was non-existent. After that, we split again to ride Matterhorn and Alice in Wonderland. After this, I sadly lost my notes and we didn’t stop to take any pictures. How is this possible? I’m going to chalk it up to having too much fun during our Magic Morning and leaving for California Adventure completely satisfied…which we were. I remember that. Right around 8:00 we switched parks and stayed at California Adventure for most of the day. More on that next time!

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