Lunch at Carnation Cafe

We ate at the Carnation Cafe for lunch on November 9th, 2016. After eating mostly counter-service meals on our first trip we were excited to try out a sit-down restaurant. We find that by 12-1 in Disney it’s time for a rest. Rather than go back to our hotel, a sit-down meal provides the break and rest we need to push through the afternoon.

We checked in about 45 minutes early for our reservation to see if they could seat us sooner. If we were willing to take an indoor table rather than an outdoor, they could. They still needed a few minutes and we were given a pager until our table was ready. The pager allowed us to walk Main Street.  We used this time to get in a few pictures and 2 character meets.

Like most Disney restaurants, the menu at Carnation Cafe was fairly short and easy to navigate. Starters are salad, chili, potato soup and fried pickles. I’m a big believer in ordering items I can’t easily make myself or find elsewhere. In reading up on DLR restaurants, I saw people had recommended the pickles. We ordered 2 for the table (each came with 5 pickles). Great choice! They were a hit with everyone.

For entrees, three of the adults ordered the chicken-fried chicken, again because it seemed to get good reviews. It’s marked as one of “Walt’s Favorites” which makes an otherwise ordinary meal feel more magical.  My mom opted for the meatloaf after the waiter mentioned the chicken’s breading has a little kick to it. He was accurate-it was lightly spiced, but she can’t handle any kick. She did like the meatloaf. Sport ordered the kids hamburger and Bean opted for the starter salad as her meal.

I thought the chicken-fried chicken was great. The seasoning was perfect and it was a generous portion. The mashed potatoes were good, but Sport stole most of them. I don’t remember the vegetables too much…I do remember eating them. So they must have been fine.

I’d say that everyone liked their meals, but the pickles were the favorite part. The girls were very excited that the waiter noticed their birthday buttons and brought them each a cupcake. After singing and inhaling them, we were ready to leave. It took about 45 minutes from sit down to finishing up with the check. At no point did we feel rushed or bored. I’d eat here again, and would definitely order both items I ate (the pickles and chicken).

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