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Walt Disney World vs. Disneyland Resort

Why Disneyland Resort (DLR), when the flight is twice as long as Walt Disney World (WDW)? As mentioned, all schools in NJ are off that weekend, and some have the whole week off. At WDW, it’s nicknamed “Jersey Week.” So a week in early November that seems like an off-time to visit can be more crowded than expected.

DLR is also much more compact. I feel that the time we save once we are there more than makes up for the longer flight. In Florida, whether we have been off-site or on property, our travel time from hotel to park has never been less than 25 minutes. In California, we have made it in 4 minutes. Park hopping in Florida also takes a chunk of touring time from the day. The walk from Disneyland Park to California Adventure is 4-5 minutes.

While California has 2 parks instead of Florida’s 4, the parks themselves are larger. Most of my family’s favorite attractions are in both locations. While we do miss Epcot’s World Showcase and Animal Kingdom’s safari, there are enough unique attractions in California (Cars Land, California Screamin’, the Matterhorn to name a few).

Is there anything missing at Disneyland Resort? Since the footprint of the resort is much smaller, there are only 3 on-site hotels. There are also fewer restaurants and character meal opportunities.

Overall, I love the more relaxed atmosphere of the California parks, and the weather has overall been more pleasant as well. As a family we love WDW; we just love DLR a little bit more.

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